The Sustainable Transportation Monitor

The Sustainable Transportation Monitor is published annually or more frequently. Its main focus is to track progress towards (or away from) sustainable transportation, in Canada and elsewhere. The Monitor reviews transport activity and its impacts, technological improvements, legislative changes, and other events of significance. It discusses options for moving towards sustainable transportation.
Each Monitor contains a key article as well as other articles of importance at the time of publication.

Monitor Archives

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March 2008

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Road Transport.



Jun 2005

The Centre Moves to the University of Winnipeg.
The Centre's move to the University of Winnipeg is the lead story in Monitor 11 ­ June 2005. The Monitor also deals with accomplishments of the Centre to date, Emissions from Freight Transport, Canada's Climate Change Plans, the recent Memo of Understanding with the Auto Industry, Health and Youth and Glimmers of Hope in achieving sustainable transportation.



Jun 2004

The need to reduce transport energy use, and ways of doing it. This Monitor first updates energy matters discussed in previous Monitors. The updating concludes that reducing transport fuel use should be the overriding goal of Canada's transport policies, more important than reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and perhaps a better strategy for making progress towards sustainable transport. This issue then discusses three of the many ways in which transport fuel use could be dramatically reduced. The first would allow short-term gains. It is to make more efficient use of trucks on the road. The second would have its main impacts in the medium term. It is to achieve major reductions in fuel use by new personal vehicles. The third is for the longer term. It is to secure much greater use of tethered vehicles (which get their energy from a rail or wire rather than from an on-board source such as a gasoline tank, a hydrogen storage device or a battery). We encourage you to carefully study this Monitor for practical suggestions at moving Canada's transportation towards sustainability.



Sep 2003

Children and Transportation. This monitor concerns the transportation needs of children. Work on children's transportation is important for the attainment of sustainable transportation for several reasons. Child-friendly transportation is usually more sustainable than other transportation. Children who travel sustainably may be more likely to do so when they are adults. Children are transport's 'canaries'. They are more vulnerable to adverse impacts, e.g., air pollution, and thus provide warnings of heightened unsustainability. Last but not least, sustainability is about intergenerational equity, which implies equal consideration for all generations, those living now and those to come. This issue of the Monitor provides key findings from a project on children and transportation in the regions of Halton and Peel funded by the Trillium Foundation and recently completed by the Centre. A subsequent section sets out available data on children's travel in Halton and Peel. These data may also be relevant to children's travel in the suburbs of other large urban regions across Canada. The final section begins a discussion of the possible contribution of transport practices to the growing incidence of obesity in Canada, particularly in children.



Apr 2003

A Medium Term Strategy for Canada's Transport summarizes the outcome of workshops held across Canada to determine the actions required for sustainability in Canada's transportation between 2010 and 2025. This issue also assesses the actions flowing from the Kyoto Protocol for the period ending at 2010.



Oct 2002

Canada's Major Urban Regions: How they compare.



May 2002

Transportation, Terrorism and Sustainability.



Nov 2001

The Limitations of Technology in Achieving Sustainable Transportation.



Apr 2001

Freight Transportation. It also updates the readers on key Centre research projects.



Mar 2000

The Future of Aviation. It also reviews key Centre projects at that time as the conclusions of the Transportation Table organized by the Government of Canada.



Feb 1999

Sustainable Transportation and the End of Cheap Oil. It also deals a number of other topics. Download in



Mar 1998

Why a Sustainable Transportation Monitor? It also addressed the Kyoto Protocol. Download in