About The Centre for Sustainable Transportation

The Centre was formed to help overcome the barriers to the attainment of sustainable transportation, in Canada and elsewhere, through the provision of well-reasoned and balanced information and analysis.

The Centre started work in 1996 and is a federally chartered, non-profit organization. The Centre is governed by a Board of Directors, and has a secretariat based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


The Mission of The Centre for Sustainable Transportation is to work proactively in achieving the sustainable transportation of persons and goods in Canada.
We do this through:
. Co-operative partnerships we undertake
. Relevant and timely research
. Projects
. The communication and dissemination of balanced information
. The monitoring and supporting of sustainable transportation activities.

Program Goals

. Create a source of reliable information by establishing the Centre as Canada’s foremost clearinghouse and source of credible information on sustainable transportation.
. Educate and raise awareness on the need for sustainable transportation through its publications and education materials for students at all levels and transportation professionals and through seminars and conferences.
. Fill gaps through research by developing a consensus based NATIONAL SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH FRAMEWORK AND AGENDA to generate hard information and analysis needed by senior level public and private sector decision makers. By developing and testing an array of public policy instruments which can be used to move toward more sustainable transportation systems, including performance measurements.
. Provide leadership in strategic directions on areas such as on measures in achieving Canada's Kyoto target in the transportation sector, workforce transition, freight transportation industry, labeling and certification.

A Vision for 2035

Download our Definition And Vision Of Sustainable Transportation to see how transportation can look in 2035.
Download: English (188KB) French (176KB)